Vintage Painting inspired Rose on my Nails

May 13, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Girls, Its summer and I still cannot have enough of roses from my sprint hangover. So when I read the prompt of WNAC as ’Sponging’ with Vintage theme, I couldn’t take my mind very far from roses. Now the traditional sponging techniques are gradient or glitter sponging but I so wanted to offer another take on it. I also did not want to miss the vintag-y feel on my nails because the underlying theme of WNAC for this month is Vintage.

Vintage Rose Painting on my Nails 1

After lot of careful thinking and brainstorming, I figured a relatively different way to use theme ‘Sponging’ in a Vintage type feel. I decided to depict an old vintage painting of rose on my nails. In general old/antique paintings are a bit dull paper in finish, have colour patches on the canvas which they have acquired with time, very soft yet rich shades, touch of ivory gold, no major colour contrasts and mellowed down dusty look because of which they look ageless classic.

Vintage Painting inspired Rose on my Nails

Now rather than seeing and reading so much about Vintage/antique paintings, it was easier just to do gradient by sponging method and finish up with some stamping. But I so wanted to nail this theme correctly. Also I wanted to treat as Challenge which always lies beyond your comfort zone. Right?

Vintage Painting inspired Rose on my Nails Macro

I painted my nails with OPI Baguette Me Not. It’s very soft flesh colour which would be a perfect base for an old painting. I sponged the base with generous amount gold (ColorShow Bold Gold) to maintain the rich look that these paintings have and also give feel of a slight discolouration.

Although I was dying to use bright colours or at least tradition pink for roses, I restricted myself to the theme and chose the entire colour scheme in a monochromatic set up. I picked different hues of orange and highlighted rose with dull white. I was sure that it should look like a painting not a print so I went for freehand. The leaves are done with dusty green, minimalistic highlighting with brighter green to preserve the softer look and avoid contrasts.

Vintage Painting inspired Rose on my Nails

I sealed them with a matte top coat to just give an old, frozen paper finish. So finally I am happy with the analysis and treatment to the theme, the nail art is not disappointing either. What do you think?