Royal Gold and Brown Inspired Nails

June 04, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Girls, as you know I have dedicated the month of June for ‘Inspired Nails’ only. It can be any form of inspiration: a nail art, a painting, a print, a color combination, a dress, a curtain, just anything in short. Today I have gorgeous nail art inspired by some old glass paintings I was browsing. I was stunned by the powerful combination of traditional Gold and Maroonish Brown. I saw image of lots of glass arches made in this royal combination in old paintings and monuments.

Royal Gold and Brown Nails
I was really intrigued. I decided to figure out a decently intricate and antique type print to get on the glass painting I was gonna wear on my nails.

Royal Classic Nails in Brown and Gold Holo 4

My initial thoughts were freehand, as always is. But then I thought let me rather do a nice delicate stamping with like print and fill in colors with Lead Light technique so that it looks nearer to glass painting not only in design but finish too.

Royal Classic Nails in Brown and Gold Holo
I wanted the nail art to look a definite royal and slightly antique too. So I chose a design which looked very similar to the image in my mind. For the vampy marronish brown I used Fun Lacquer ‘SuperStar’. It’s a royal brown holo with maroon undertones. This was so apt for the nail art I had planned for.

Nails Inspired by Royal Glass Paintings
On the other nails I applied Gold Ultra Holo from Starrily ‘King Midas’. It’s the most gorgeous gold holo polish I have seen or owned. I stamped using Bundle Monster Festive Plate BM S308. The image could not have been as correct as this, it so matched my theme.

Nails Inspired by Royal Glass Paintings Macro
I filled in the design with brown with Lead Light technique. On the other nails, I added the tiny gold triangle and dot charms from BornPretty Store. I should buy back ups of these, I am in so love with them.

Royal Classic Nails in Brown and Gold Holo 2
This was good marriage of traditional glass like painting and holos and I enjoyed doing that. I think I got myself a classic nails. What do you say girls?