Holographic Arabesque Nails

July 31, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, How have you been? I am writing a post after so long, feels so nice and connected. Don’t get boggled, the regular posts you had been getting were all the scheduled posts which I wrote like a month back. Yes, I like to schedule heap load of posts (mostly I schedule posts for 3 weeks in advance) and then be carefree about questions like what if I am unwell, I go on holiday , break my nails, travel for work, busy in office , guests at home or anything that could possibly break my rhythm of posting regularly.

Krizia Recessionista Swatch 1

Anyways, here is a two month old mani that I kept forgetting to post. This is of the era when my nails were square. I miss my square nails but I love Coffin shape more. The polish I am wearing is a brilliant holo ‘Recessionista’ from Krizia (Indie Polish maker from India).

Krizia Recessionista Swatch

This polish is phenomenally blingy raspberry-purple in colour. It is full of holo glitters which lit up brilliantly in correct light. Even without holo, the colour is very pretty.

Holographic Arabsque Nails 1

Always the catch with these is what nail art could you possibly do which is just as beautiful as polish but doesn’t steal the show too. I had a hard time scratching my head. It gets even more difficult because I try to stay out of the ‘Obvious Hit Combinations’. You know a black stamping would rock almost any base. But if you do that where is your creativity?. It’s a no brainer, right?

[caption id="attachment_7055" align="alignnone" width="600"]Holographic Arabsque Nails Macro Macro[/caption]

Holographic Arabsque Nails

So after screening through my little rainbow collection of all stamping polishes, I picked up Yellow. For the design again, I wanted something very curvy and delicate but not covering up the base. I am happy with the choices I made eventually, and this nail art turned out great.

Holographic Arabsque Nails 1

You can see for yourself how pretty the polish is and the lovely yellow arabesque design pairing. What do you think girls? Do you still feel I should have blindly and safely picked up my black stamping polish? What color would you have picked?