China Inspired Nails and KB Shimmer Ruby Swatch

September 01, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

These days I am basking in the glory and warmth of my recent and ongoing hauls. Its a dent in your wallet and shatter of your 'No Buy' promises and that flood of guilt feeling while you place the order. But what follows after is even worse. Endless wait of your nail mail, high pressure tracking, then waiting for your mule (because most of our polish lemmings are based out of US) , your nail mail reaching your country and your blood is gushing down your veins even faster and finally the adrenaline rush when you have your nail mail which you open like crazy with shivering hands and pounding heart!!!! Woah, I almost got jitters even to think about that moment.

KB Shimmer Ruby Swatch

So my today's swatch and nail art is from my color4nails haul. I got some KB Shimmer polishes from Birthstone Collection, Jade Polishes , Color Club , Bow Polish etc.

KB Shimmer Ruby Swatch

The swatch and nail art in this post is KB Shimmer Ruby. Its from Birthstone Collection for month of July. Well technically, it is the birthstone for Leo. KBS Ruby has done total justice to the gemstone Ruby. Its fiery yet pleasant red with gold and red holo particles with chromes.

KB Shimmer Ruby Macro

Though, I have not done total justice to swatching the polish because it was raining and gloomy here when I wore it. But I am gonna do a better swatch when weather changes.

China Inspired Nailart on KB Shimmer Ruby

On these sparkly red nails, I did some Chinese prints for nail art.It has few elements from our neighboring country China. The combination of Red and Gold makes it look further more traditional.

China Inspired Nailart on KB Shimmer Ruby

The gold stamping polish is MDU Gold. It always gives me a horror when I see the polish being separated in the bottle of MDU Gold. However, there is no change in its stamping job. Its still good.

China Inspired Nailart on KB Shimmer Ruby

Well, this also happens to be the nail art for first prompt of Chalkboard Nails 31Day Challenge. Its the first time I am participating. Looks so hectic at the offset itself, one nail art a day!!!Pheww! So even if I survive the challenge I am not sure if I will be able to write a blog post about each of them. So either the posts will be very short or I will club few nail arts in one post.

Haven't decided anything yet though. What do you suggest girls, no blog posts only IG and other social media or short clubbed posts with multiple nail art.Suggest!