Gradient Nails

September 10, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, with a little happiness and lot more disappointment I have my Gradient nails to share today. Happy because I used my China Glaze Fairy Dust which I recently bought. The holo dust like glitters amazed me with their beauty. Also I used the Bow charm which I bought 3 years back in set of 50 or 100!! Yes, 3 years back and never used it.

Soft Gradient Nails

So atleast I am a little relieved and happy on bow turned out to be. Ohh! And don’t hate me, but while the entire world was raving about CG Fairy Dust, I was hopelessly ignoring it. Like, I don’t need it. Igniring this entire time and consoling myself it’s a worthless hype. Only few months back, I though all this noise must not be for nothing. And decided to try them. Such a wise purchase it was and I am already planning to get a back up. I don’t know how I survived without it for so long. lol

Soft Gradient Nails

Coming to sad part, by now you all must have seen that the gradient did not blend very smoothly. Its not ugly per say but the transition should have been seamless. I have so happy at the color combination that I picked up , that I thought it would rock this mani. It looked like a candy. But the little blotchy gradient killed it.

Soft Gradient Nails

The polishes used are from Color Club Heat Index Collection I am not a Temp & Sun Kissed Miss. On my accent I have Zoya Sue topped with generous coat of CG Fairy Dust. I used some nail glue to stick the bow on my nails. Now the color combination is very happy and pleasant, the bow is a perfect cherry but the gradient is a little dissatisfying. What do you think girls? I did them for Day 10 Theme : Gradient of Chalk Board Nails.