Green and Gold Water Marble Nails

September 20, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, today’s theme for Chalk Board Challenge is ‘Water Marble’ and those who read my blog/IG know I have never done a damn Water marble or even dry marble. I just hate it. I hate to put all that effort and see the dead body of my polish floating on water like no one’s business.

Water Marble Nails

And why I am saying wasted is because I don’t find the water marble patterns so fulfilling to justify the polish wastage and number of trial & errors. Quite frankly, I did try twice (I know it’s barely enough to leash the bitch called ‘Water marble’) and failed badly.

Water Marble Nails

After that I never ever made a genuine attempt, just gave up. No offence, I find them beautiful but it’s just not for me. So whenever I am forced to water marble (by a challenge or by mood) I turn to my cheat code Bundle Monster Water marble Plate.

Water Marble Nails Close Up

And that is what I did here today (as if it was difficult to guess). I stamped using MDU ‘Gold’ on Krizia ‘Forest Gump’ which is bright dark leaf green scattered holo polish (swatches coming up). The polish is real beauty and I have managed to score a macro and close up of nail art.

[caption id="attachment_7389" align="alignnone" width="2449"]Water Marble Nails Macro Macro[/caption]

It was a limited edition polish from Krizia who is an Indie polish maker from my own country. And I did manage to get ‘Forest Gump’ before they were gone forever.

Krizia Forest Gump Swatch

It is green holo gliiter packed polish in green jelly. But make no mistake; it is perfectly opaque on two easy coats with no bald spots at all (which often a problem with glitter polishes). It shines brilliant sparkles of Green, teal and gold in light.

Krizia Forest Gump Swatch

I have taken sunlight clicks of these to give correct idea. They are nothing less than gorgeous in my opinion. But they have a little long drying time; which is not very fancy. Nonetheless, I love the polish and the nail art. How about you?