Nails Inspired by Mother's Painting Work

September 27, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Hi Friends, I have a special and close to heart nailart to show you today. A few weeks back my dad found some old pictures while cleaning the house. These were the pictures of my Mom’s over 15 year old paintings. Gosh! I had totally forgotten that my mom ever painted. I did know that she painted but it was a very faint or negligible memory of painting so many nature paintings on canvas.

Nails Inspired by Mother's Painting Work

So when I saw the images of my Mom’s painting (dad clicked those paintings on his mobile and sent us) ; I was overwhelmed. This was just when I was planning my mani around ChalkBoard Nail Challenge. And as soon as I saw these paintings, I chucked all the previous ideas I had in my mind for ‘Inspired by an Art Work’. I knew these were the best paintings to get inspired from.

My Mom's Nature Painting

The other thing that occurred to me on seeing these paintings is the source of art in me. No wonder I am all artsy, I got it from my mom. Well, our canvases may be different but love for painting remains the same.

Nails Inspired by Mother's Painting Work

It was very difficult though to paint these on my nails because of the giant difference in texture of canvas and nails. These paintings were done by taking advantage of Water Colour Method, allowing colors to blend through naturally creating unparallel effect. What happens on Canvas is that they are thick porous paper, so they gracefully absorb extra water and just give the perfection of color flowing and blending. Whereas, nails are smooth non-porous, so all the water and color would just flow out and slip off the nails. It is quite difficult to do water colors on nails. For smaller images like flowers, it is still easier because you have more control on image. But for full nail images like this, where the entire nail is to painted layers are layers, it is difficult.

[caption id="attachment_7428" align="alignnone" width="1338"]Close Up of My Inspired by Mother's Painting Work Close Up[/caption]

Nails Inspired by Mother's Painting Work 1

Yet, I have given my best and this nail art made me very happy. I used Sinful Colors White Out as base and everything else is Acrylic Paint. I used various brushes but mostly I used flat brush from Bornpretty Store for background. You can buy it here, it’s a double sided brush and the other end has super fine detailer. You can enjoy 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.