Freehand Vintage Flowers on Picture Polish Fools Gold

October 30, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Friends, I am here with my second Picture Polish swatch and nail art which is Fool’s Gold. After having PP Orchid swatched here, I moved to my favourite PP out of the lot to swatch. And it was Fools Gold.


It’s an aqua turquoise crème base with lots of beautiful gold hex glitters. I am kind of late to get this polish; it has been raved around for ages. I often used think it’s just hype; what miracle could a turquoise and gold possibly do that no one else has ever done?


But on seeing this in person and moreover after swatching it, I was sold. This baby has some metal. The hype is all worth. It is such a stunner. All my clicks are in Sunlight. When clicked in shade, this polish leans heavily towards blue.


About the Inspiration behind this polish: ‘Flecks of Gold as seen through tropical waters. Fool’s Gold is a green/blue jelly scattered holo with gold glitter and dries smooth on the nail. Designed to come alive with a shake of the bottle. It is a collaboration shade with Sammy from Nailasaurus.’

reehand-vintage-flowers on my nails

Now such a gorgeous polish puts a lot of weight on your shoulders. You need to do a nail art worthy of its beauty and charisma. When I am in a fix like this where I need to honour a polish with some art, I always go with Freehand.


That’s the tribute. Fortunately I had just received BornPretty Store Liner Brush set in my review nail mail. You can buy them here and get 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10. This brush is a real motivator. In full swing and enthusiasm, I decided to do some detailed nail art.


A black and white detailed floral had been playing in my mind forever. But we all know it’s difficult and time taking. And ofcourse considering I do on both hands it would be even bore tiresome. However, I was all set to look through all those hurdles. You got to do it, when you got to do it!


I started painting the vintage florals and may be after an hour and half I came up with these. And these 1.5 hours doesn’t include polishing my nails or top coat. It’s just the art time. But I am totally convinced about the worth of these 1.5 hours. I am glad how they looked like at the end. Yeah, few of the flowers and leaves could have turned better. But it’s freehand and this is unavoidable. So what say girls?