French Florals in Antique Look on My Nails

October 12, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Friends, I am feeling like a freebird after finishing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge successfully. Yes, I completed all 31 themes! And now after a month and half, I can finally do whatever my heart feels on my nails. You guys know if I am left free, my imagination always goes to florals.

French Florals in Antique Look

I had also been feeling a little disinterested and off nail art because of the huge challenge pressure where I was just churning out manis like a task done by a machine(at some points yes, I just finishing the job, the rest of days I enjoyed). I also got deep crack on my pointer 3 weeks back, had to keep that dead nail alive by slapping silk wrap on it periodically. It got down my enthusiasm further. So I decide after challenge I am going to chop my nails to get rid of the crack (which totally touched my skin). But when I sat down to cut the nails, I could gor like 1mm nail left from my smile line and hence the shape of my nails came back to short squares.

French Florals in Antique Look

I thought I am not gonna touch polishes or write post till my heart pushes me to do it because I had been void of any natural inclination. But surprisingly, its only 2 days after challenge and I am excited about nail art again and writing posts. Guess we are inseparable!

French Florals in Antique Look

Anyways, I browsed a lot of Robin Moses videos (I adore her florals) and came up with this nail art. There is no particular nail art of hers which actually inspired me to do this; it was just her series of work led to this. So I may have picked leaves from one, tan French from other and florals from third nail art of hers. But the source remains same (Robin Moses). The polishes used are KB Shimmer Big Tan (for nude holo French) and Essence Pixie Dust for shimmer base. The nail art brushes are from BornPretty Store and they never let me down. You can buy them from here and here, and get 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.