Different Dimensions Surf's Up Swatch and IceCream Nails

November 30, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, today I have my last Different Dimension polish to show you. I had got 4 of them and this was the only pending. This is from their 'Fun in the Sun' Collection.


It is a white crelly with neon pink, neon yellow and neon blue hexes of both circle and square shape. It is densely packed with these fun hexes and I bet you don't need to fish. It looks bright and lively on nails.


After application it may feel a little gritty but only till you apply a top coat. It then settles down to smooth finish. For me it was opaque in two coats.


I went in for some Ice Cream decals which are as fun and peppy as the polish is. The color of the icecream also matched the hexes so it paired up well.


These were sent to me by BornPretty Store for review. I am not decal person because I feel they are cheating to nail art. But they are fun to use sometimes and definitely saves you on a busy day.You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10. I have another 9 set of decals, some of which I will be using. And will be sharing with you. Till then I leave you with these icecreams in this chilled weather.


Bright Contrast Double Stamping Nails

November 25, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Fellas, I know its not the right kind of weather to flaunt Neons and Brights. But frankly I have never cared about weather or surroundings. All I care about is my mood and what I want to rock on nails. And seeing intense sun on a off day noon, there was nothing less than a neon that I desired to wear.


So I took my happiest polishes from Orly. I started with applying Orly Key Lime Twist as a base. Its a delicious smooth lime neon.I mean it's not an In Your Face Neon, shying away all other colors. Its a luscious subtle version neon, blending into any color and design seamlessly.


All who have been reading my blog/Instagram know that I have never ever ever attempted a Water Marble. I am too scared of failing and wasting so much polish irrespective. Having said that, I still love watermarble nails, specially if it paired with some other technique ex- Vinyls, stamping or freehand.


But lack of any traces of Water Marble skill whatsoever, I have always missed that side of fun. Recently, I was sent a cool collection of Bornpretty stamping plates and it had this cool water marble plate. I used Harunouta L005 stamping plate, you can buy them here and get 10% discount with code HQBQ10.


Now, that's what I have been waiting for. I stamped over "Key Lime Twist" with Orly brightest in your face orange neon 'Life is a Beach' . Its an obnoxiously distracting orange neon like mother of all neons.


On the bright fun water-marbled looking base, I stamped a negative space design from BornPretty Store BPL0024. Its is a versatile floral and leaves pattern plate that I have been using every now and then. I stamped using Konad Black and Bamm! I was in LOVE with the contrast, the happy water-marbled base and the clicks I got in my balcony. I never appreciated a free resource like sunlight till I got into nailart and realized how different and livey pics come in sunlight, ofcourse absolutely necessary for a holo.


But I see very less of sun because when I leave for work its 8am when sun is very subtle and when I am back its already moon time at 7pm. So I get excited on weekends when  I can see  Sun in its full strength and feel like swatching all my holographics at once :). Do you guys have similar lusty feeling for sun? And are you lusting over my mani, because I sure am.


Lace Nails with Picture Polish Merge and Remember

November 20, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, I know have been loading my nail arts with Picture Polish these days. But why not? These are from my latest haul and I haven’t been able to swatch/use even half of them yet. So I decided to skip swatching and get down with some nail art using them atleast.

Lace Nails with Picture Polish Merge and Remember

Merge is one of my favourite nudes from Picture Polish and I was saving it for a freehand mani. But seeing so many PP unused, I thought of not waiting for the perfect moment and perfect swatch and perfect freehand. Just came up with a nail art idea and went with it.


I wanted something in soft and lacy look. I picked up a floral lace image from Harounota L009 which was sent to me for review. You can buy them here and get 10% discount with code HQBQ10.


For stamping I used Picture Polish Remember, which is also on my pointer and pinky. I am so happy Remember stamped so well. I added Triangular Silver stud (which I got from BornPretty Store) on these nails. You can buy them here and use the above mentioned discount code. I also added silver carviar beads at centre of flowers to make the nail art look a little edgy. What do you think?


I Heart Neon On Different Dimensions Soak Up in the Sun

November 17, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Girls, I have bright and fun polish swatch & nail art to share with you today. This is Different Dimension Soak Up the Sun from their 'Fun in The Sun Collection'. This is my second favourite polish from DD after Mother Goose which I swatched here.

[caption id="attachment_7558" align="alignnone" width="2448"]Different Dimensions Soak Up in the Sun Outdoor Swatch[/caption]

It is a neon Crelly with holographic microglitters. Its green toned yellow in color. The holo glitters make it additionally gorgeous. It is super bright and fun colour. It kind of dries matte, so you may need a glossy top coat.

[caption id="attachment_7556" align="alignnone" width="2229"]different-dimensions-soak-up-the-sun-swatch-in-artificial-light In Artificial Light[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_7557" align="alignnone" width="1635"]different-dimensions-soak-up-the-sun-swatch-outdoor Outdoor Swatch[/caption]

One may require two thick coats ot three thin coats depending on application.

[caption id="attachment_7565" align="alignnone" width="1686"]love-neon-nails-on-different-dimension-soak-up-in-sun In SunLight[/caption]

Now I love neon and bright colours since time immemorial. So I decided apart from the colour choice, my nail art should also say the same about me.

Love Neon NailArt on Different Dimensions Soak Up in Sun

I went with a text nail art which says ‘NEONS’ with recently sent for review stamping plate from BornprettyStore. These are Harunouta L014 Stamping plate which has decorative images of all alphabets, cool isn’t it for a text mani?

[caption id="attachment_7564" align="alignnone" width="2009"] In Artificial Light
In Artificial Light[/caption]


You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10. My thumb has a red heart image from Uberchic 06-03. I find this nail art quite fun to wear and got compliments too, what do you think?


Bronze nailart on Different Dimension Mother Goose

November 13, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, I hope you all are doing great. We are facing a slight drop in temparature in Mumbai although the city is known to have no winters. But seeing all dark fall colors on instagram, makes me feel chilly and want to do fall/winter nails. I also have my Picture Polishes and Different Dimensions untried from last month's haul. So I picked up my first different dimensions polish from the lot 'Mother Goose'.


It is my favourite out of DD haul. I had been looking a dark vampy holo for a very long time. I got few dark holos from Fun Lacquer, but then I realised my real craving was for a plum cherry dark holo (Yeah I had to spend 50 usd to figure it out). So I purchased Different Dimensions Mother Goose.


I managed to click all my swatches in sunlight . Its a stunning deep berry plum toned linear holo. The holo effect is quite strong and really distracts you in sunlight. The polish is a one coater and I guess it will stamp great too. Ohh I am just imagining stamping these over a grey base, yes I am gonna try that.


Its deep burgandy color looks quite mysterious , though in ordinary light the holo effect isnt that strong.Nonetheless, I am happy with this and the probable bonus stamping polish in this color.


I had to give a lot of thoughts to figure what nail art I wanted to do on them. I wanted to try a different color combination. Initially my mind was only revolving around a fall leaves mani on dark base.

[caption id="attachment_7547" align="alignnone" width="2448"]bronze-nailart-on-different-dimension-mother-goose-macro Macro[/caption]

But then suddenly my thoughts changed and I picked up Moyou Asia 06 for stamping. The gorgeoues star like print stole my heart. I chose a subtle yet classy color for stamping which is MDU Bronze. After finishing the mani I applied Orly Sec and Dry Top Coat. Due to the dark color and richness, I guess it does qualify for a winter nails now.


What do you girls think of the polish and the nail art.


Green and Pink Nails

November 09, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, today I have simple bright nail art for you. I had nothing in my mind while doing these except that I wanted bright mani. So I picked my bright shimmery lime green from NYX which I bought around an year back but was lying unused. Since I wanted some fun, I decided to pair it with Orly Beach Cruiser.


Oh Man, that polish is such a tease. It is so damn bright and neon in person but every time you try to capture it in camera, it turns up different. Like, every time. Whether it is in light house, in outdoor shade or it is in noon sun; it just doesn't show itself correctly. Inspite of all this pain, I still can't not use it.pink-and-green-nails

I wanted some bold geometric images , so I picked up the Bornpretty stamping plate which has been recently sent to me for review. Lovely diamond and geometric patterns I must say. You can buy them here and get 10% off with HQBQ10.  The stamping polish is MDU Barbie.


Pink and Purple Festive Nails

November 03, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

So today I have my third Picture Polish - Wanderlust swatch for you. It was one of my favourites as soon as I saw them release. So the moment I got an opportunity to get them, this had to be on the list. It is bright candy neon pink. It has some blue flakie shimmer in it apart from the signature scattered holo of picture polish. The holo effect isn't as strong in this polish, like it's other siblings but it is good enough. The polish is super bright and fun to wear. I love it. I have worn two coats with HK Girl top coat. Some of you may require upto three depending on your application.

Picture Polish Wanderlust Swatch

After scratching my head for long time, I decided to stamp on them. Yeah, I could have gone for freehand but because I spent an unreasonable time thinking on what to do, I had very little time left to actually do something.LOL


I picked up my Bornpretty Store stamping plate that I just recently got for review. This is L040 stamping plate with mostly diamond and geometric patterns. I liked the kind of mix of images on this plate, very versatile. You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.



I stamped a diamond web image with MDU Purple. I didn't want the contrast to be sharp so refrained from using black etc. I think I made the right choice.


Now I wanted this to look festive and glamorous. So I did glitter placement with gold on each of the diamond. Phew! thats some work to pick each glitter, apply little clear polish and place perfectly. But since it makes nail art so gorgeous I often turn to it. What do you think?