Bronze nailart on Different Dimension Mother Goose

November 13, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, I hope you all are doing great. We are facing a slight drop in temparature in Mumbai although the city is known to have no winters. But seeing all dark fall colors on instagram, makes me feel chilly and want to do fall/winter nails. I also have my Picture Polishes and Different Dimensions untried from last month's haul. So I picked up my first different dimensions polish from the lot 'Mother Goose'.


It is my favourite out of DD haul. I had been looking a dark vampy holo for a very long time. I got few dark holos from Fun Lacquer, but then I realised my real craving was for a plum cherry dark holo (Yeah I had to spend 50 usd to figure it out). So I purchased Different Dimensions Mother Goose.


I managed to click all my swatches in sunlight . Its a stunning deep berry plum toned linear holo. The holo effect is quite strong and really distracts you in sunlight. The polish is a one coater and I guess it will stamp great too. Ohh I am just imagining stamping these over a grey base, yes I am gonna try that.


Its deep burgandy color looks quite mysterious , though in ordinary light the holo effect isnt that strong.Nonetheless, I am happy with this and the probable bonus stamping polish in this color.


I had to give a lot of thoughts to figure what nail art I wanted to do on them. I wanted to try a different color combination. Initially my mind was only revolving around a fall leaves mani on dark base.

[caption id="attachment_7547" align="alignnone" width="2448"]bronze-nailart-on-different-dimension-mother-goose-macro Macro[/caption]

But then suddenly my thoughts changed and I picked up Moyou Asia 06 for stamping. The gorgeoues star like print stole my heart. I chose a subtle yet classy color for stamping which is MDU Bronze. After finishing the mani I applied Orly Sec and Dry Top Coat. Due to the dark color and richness, I guess it does qualify for a winter nails now.


What do you girls think of the polish and the nail art.