Green and Pink Nails

November 09, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, today I have simple bright nail art for you. I had nothing in my mind while doing these except that I wanted bright mani. So I picked my bright shimmery lime green from NYX which I bought around an year back but was lying unused. Since I wanted some fun, I decided to pair it with Orly Beach Cruiser.


Oh Man, that polish is such a tease. It is so damn bright and neon in person but every time you try to capture it in camera, it turns up different. Like, every time. Whether it is in light house, in outdoor shade or it is in noon sun; it just doesn't show itself correctly. Inspite of all this pain, I still can't not use

I wanted some bold geometric images , so I picked up the Bornpretty stamping plate which has been recently sent to me for review. Lovely diamond and geometric patterns I must say. You can buy them here and get 10% off with HQBQ10.  The stamping polish is MDU Barbie.