Flower Nails on Jade Halographic Sunset

February 25, 2017 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Friends, today I will be swatching Jade Sunset and also sharing a floral nail art on them. Jade never caught my attention. Until last year I bought them on sale from Color4Nails.com ; with an intention to just try.I simply bought two Jade polishes ( one of them swatched here) for that purpose. And I was more than impressed by them. So this time when color4nails had sale, I ordered 2 more Jades. One was Jade sunset and I can't recollect the name of the other one now. I decided to swatch Sunset first because of the fresh tangy color perfect to welcome spring.

Jade Holographic Polish Su

The swatches are 2 thick coats of polish with top coat. Usually Jades are complained to be sheer but this wasn't bad, it is decent in opacity.

Jade Halographic Sunset Swatch

The color of this polish is like a hard candy orange or one may say it to be bright orange but burnt. To that extent the name of the polish 'Sunset' is very true. I love orange color, to be true I love all bright colors. So no suspense here, I simply cherished this one on my nails. It has a strong holographic effect which I have captured in Sunlight. It does look like oranish red or leans towards red if you see them in artificial light.

Jade Halographic Sunset

I wanted a nail art which doesn't hide much of the polish and is as fresh as the polish looks. So I went in for some freehand flowers and vines.

Florals on Jade Halographic Sunset

I think there could have been no other design that went with the base so much without over shadowing it.

Florals on Jade Halographic Sunset

Florals on Jade Halographic Sunset

I used Acrylic Paints and brushes from bornpretty to paint them. You can buy the brushes here and here. And also get 10% discount with code HQBQ10.