Freehand Vintage Florals on Bright Gradient and a little Story

February 18, 2017 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Friends, today I am sharing the nail art I submitted for Picture Polish Nailart competition. I am happy doing so as I am kinna proud of these. I love freehand nailart and especially ones to this level of detail. I know comparing to the other established incredible artists who have mastered detailing, this may be nothing. But I am learning and hopefully will be at that level someday.

Freehand Vintage Florals on Bright Gradient

I also wanted to share a little something with you guys. When the competition was announced, I was not sure if I would be able to do a nail art worthy enough to be submitted as entry for Picture Polish Challenge, given my health is not at its best. I cannot sit for long due to back pain or even bend a lot for details. I feel low energy and drowsy most of the times. But the moment I shared the competition news with my mom, she immediately asked me to participate. I was unsure because of health. But she said it's Sunday, you are off today and sure you could give it a try. It made me think and with lot re-tries I did manage to do a freehand mani using only Picture Polishes. Now we know it is very difficult to do a freehand and that too with polishes. But I did move at a tortoise pace, taking rests and lied down in between finally finishing this is close to 4 hours.

Freehand Vintage Florals on Bright Gradient

The very next day after office, I told her you know I broke my back for doing everything with polish whereas it turns out I could have used black & white acrylic paint. This was just a random conversation after work at 8:30 pm; I was already down on bed with my usual back pain. And out of nowhere she says 'Then do one more nail art, you still have a day to go. Atleast Try".

Freehand Vintage Florals on Bright Gradient

I was baffled. But she was so convincing that I got up from bed and started thinking. This was not an ordinary nail art we were talking about. It was supposed to be of competition level and freehand. Whereas, I did not have the energy to even paint my nails. After some thought and discussion, we decided to go with bright gradient base. Her words and motivation filled me with energy and will power.

And I thanked God for having such a woman as my Mom. She knows how important nails are for me and how much I wanted to participate in the competition. She gave me enough confidence to be strong and overcome my health issues for the love of nails. She truly is my best friend, she gives me her strength when I have used up all mine. She pushes me to live for my dreams. She taught me to connect with a passion and to connect with 'me'. I cannot emphasize the importance of having such parents who know you, understand you, recognize your nerves and encourage you to fly; saying if you fall I am here to hold you if you fall. I am blessed to have one and hope my coming child feels the same way about me.

About the nail art : The polishes used for gradient are Wanderlust, Autumn and Orchid. The nail art brush deserves a special mention because it is one of the best detailers I have used so far. They are from my go to shop for nail art brushes, BornPretty Store. The brush is apt for detailing and highlighting. You can buy them here and get 10% with coupon code HQBQ10.