Classic Roses on Essie Virgin Snow

March 04, 2017 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Fellas, I am super excited today to share my nail art. You all know how much I love freehand and florals being my favourite subject. Now out of florals also I feel thrilled to paint roses as it is one of the most difficult flowers to paint if you want it to look real and 3d like. A lot of effort, calculation and intution goes behind making them look real.

Classic Roses Mani

Past few weeks something strange had been happening. I would sit down with all polishes and best of my nail art brushes on table, excited about what I am gonna paint. And after futile thinking and fruitless planning, I would waste hours and end up with a pretty standard floral. I mean it would be a freehand floral but won't have my touch.

Classic Roses Mani

Had I not been able to do stamping, I would have survived perhaps. But not having been able to do freehand esp florals disturbed me. I know may be I am overreacting but that's how important they are.

Classic Roses Mani

So last week, I decided to break the spell. I got to my table at midnight and decided that I won't get up till I have something reasonbly succesful. I applied Essie Virgin Snow as my base. I love such soft colors as non interfering base for freehand nailart.

Classic Roses Mani

And you don't need to guess on my nail art brushes because by now you know, I am hands down fan of BornPretty Store brushes. I used these two brushes from them and I couldn't have made a better choice. You should try them if you love freehand.

BPS Drawing Brush

You could buy them here and here, with 10% discount code HQBQ10.