Watermelon Nails with BPS Water Decal

April 29, 2017 Setu 0 Comments

Its getting warmer around and it looks like summer has already approached. So I decided to give you some fresh summer nails. I have watermelon nailart to show you today.They always remind me of splash of freshness in summer and dry weather. I feel even a sight of them gives a placebo effect of one's thirst being quenched.  So I chose these for you and me.

WaterMelon Nails

Now, I am not in a water decal pro team at all. There is something about using water decal that gives me a sense of cheating with actual art. Ofcouse , it is not actual art because we are using ready made Water Decals. Hence very often, I take a pass on them.

WaterMelon Nails

However, it would be very harsh to simply grade them as 'Cheating'. A lot is brought in by the look artist using it. Otherwise all nailart done by using SAME would be the SAME. But this isn't even slightly true. Which means even if same tools are given, an artist brings his style and A game to the table which distinguishes one peice of work to the other. Isn't it? There lies the power of an artist which I had mistakenly overlooked. I apologise.

WaterMelon Nails

Now after having that thought WaterDecals gained some more respect in my eyes.Lol. Yeah I will use them more often hopefully now. They are fun and lot of thinking goes behind on their optimum utilization.I got these decals for review from BornPretty Store long back. I saved them for summers. You can buy them here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.