Spring Nails on Models Own CornFlower Gleam

May 06, 2017 Setu 0 Comments

And it's time to see off winters and welcome spring so soon. Time flies, it was just yesterday that I was explaining how I was not connected to Fall and Winters by season but by nails. I would do Autumn Nails and Snowflakes mani cribbing that I don't feel a thing for them. And here we are, at the onset of spring.

Spring Floral Mani

Good for me because I love spring, both as a season and nail art theme. Now I can do florals with my heart out.

Spring Floral Mani

For today I did small flowers and leaves on Models Own Cornflower Gleam. I kept the flowers very simple and random on purpose. I wanted the look of a very natural bush with some wild flowers.

The nail art brush I used is from Bornpretty and be bought here . You can also opt for 10% discount by using my coupon code HQBQ10. Please leave your comments letting me know how the nail art is and what kind of nail art would you want see more?