Hi, New Mommy is Back!!!

December 04, 2017 Setu 7 Comments

Hello Girls, so I have some news for you!! I am a mommy now, delivered a baby boy on March 31st 2017. Little did I know I could love someone so much :P.

That could have explained my absence from blogging. But NO, that’s not the real reason!!. If you know me, you would have known that I like to be extremely planned and organised (Read OCD). I have always hated being irregular about blogging, it shows poorly on one’s commitment. Repulsed by the idea of taking forced break from blog during pregnancy or after delivery, I did a rough calculation on how many blog posts would I require to schedule if I need the posts to go live regularly once a week till the month of December 2017, even when I may not be blogging/doing nails. I started thinking on these lines in February 2017 and my due date was 12 May 2017. I thought if I did enough manis in advance, I would be able to have posts up till December 2017. And by then I would be back with nails and may be health and time too.

Pregnancy is a phase of life is known to throw all plans topsy - turvy; and even most established bloggers fall flat on face. It makes you polish smell intolerant, impossible to sit for long and erratic health and what not. Still I tried doing multiple manis after office and on weekends. My mom, dad and friends would yell at me for straining. Slowly I started building up mani data base for advance posts. I would do nailart, click picture, shortlist & edit them and list down in excel with planned date for schedule post. Everything was going great, in control. Doing mani in advance seemed like a brilliant idea. On 11th March 2017 (7th month sonography), I came to know that I am losing and have lost considerable amount of amniotic fluid. It’s the fluid in your tummy in which the baby stays, it provides food and breath to the baby. Things got critical, I had been stopped going to office or anywhere outside by bed, was advised strict bed rest. Life came to a standstill.

Going to be Mommy

By now I had 32 nail art done in advance within a month and edited them as well, which is a great achievement I would say for even a non-pregnant girl. The only thing pending was blog posts for most of them and scheduling dates for written posts. Writing blog posts was never a stress for me, it’s like breathing. So once my nail art is done, pictures are edited and shortlisted 80% job is done. But now I was not allowed to sit also so no chance of looking at laptop, still I would try to write posts from mobile. My condition also worsened and eventually I delivered a pre-matured baby on 31st March 2017. My world changed and shook in these 19 days (11th Mar- 30th Mar)

Going to be Mommy

My life completely changed with a feeble pre-matured child to take care and feed. I had a C-section so my health was also no good. My edited nail art was ready so if I wanted I could still post them Instagram and other social media. But doing so leaving behind the blog did not seem right at all. Even with manis ready ahead for 4-5 months, I decided to wait till I could blog again.

Prince is Born

By the time my child turned 4 months, I was ready with my grown shaped nails and nail art. Oh, it felt like meeting your soulmate after long! I was back with my long nails and nail art. I was doing nail art once a week even with my four months old baby. But this time, I decided it do it for myself solely. I wanted to do nails so that I could connect to myself again but not for the blog/social media this time. Because you would agree, blogging adds so much pressure. Your nail art must be as neat and flawless as possible (adding to lots of takes and re-takes), you must click numerous pictures in various lights, shortlist and edit, write blogpost, add links to products used, post it on various social media and then reply comments.

My Prince

I love blogging, I really do. It is like talking to myself, pouring my thoughts effortlessly. I did not want to turn my love and passion to a cumbersome chore, so much so that instead of relaxing it begins to haunt me.

Some time has passed and by now I feel I am ready to blog again and connect to my nail art fraternity. I am ready to rekindle my commitment to blogging and regular posting. You should be seeing regular posts like before. Though a lot of nailart would be few months old. Thanks everyone for sticking along. I am so glad to connect to you all after all this while.


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging & nail art Setu.. your son looks adorable.. Oh yeah congratulations on your baby boy.. the naughty days ahead!

  2. Yeyyy... welcome back

  3. He he, Thanks a lot Rajani. Double naughty days ahead of you :P

  4. Congratulations Setu:) Lovely pics shared and a heart felt post. It feels so good to have you back. You are an inspiration

  5. Welcome Back! I am a big fan of your Nail art!

  6. Oh Thanks for your sweet words Jagruti :)