Carrot Nails with Picture Polish Cherish and Autumn

April 03, 2018 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, I have a very random and impulsive nailart to share with you. I was just sitting on my desk with Picture Polish Cherish applied on my nails.I happened to see the Cheeky Plate lying on top of the stamping supply box. It was lying outside because its oddly huge to get inside a normal box.

Carrot Nails with PP Cherish and Autumn

I quickly laid my eyes on the plate and remembered having wanted to do mani with so many of the cute unusual images from this plate, including the carrot one. But overthinking and planning kept me away from using such simple and unsual images. I decided to jump on the carrot image for the mani before other heap of ideas creep in and drive away the ignored carrots.

Carrot Nails with PP Cherish and Autumn

Aah I loved them so much. And there are tomatoes, aubergine and garlic and what not images there. After carrots, I am so motivated to try them as well. It is good to be impulsive at times. It’s nice to not think and plan sometimes, you may just come across. It’s so great to be just simple at times.