Florals Inspired by Robin Moses

June 10, 2018 Setu 0 Comments

Hey guys, I am back with my love for florals. They give peace to mind and a soothing effect to my eyes every time I look at my nails. Florals inspired by Robin Moses

And irrespective of the pile of floral manis I do and how so much I may pretend to master it, I am always left wishing for more, wishing to do better. In spite of so much planning and detailing, I wonder how each one looks so different from another; every time. Even with same brushes, polishes , time and mood I can never replicate what I previously did. And then I wonder, how each time each one is different and imperfect yet beautiful but  in its own way. Thats nature!

Florals inspired by Robin MosesToday’s work is an attempt to mimic one of the manis of the floral queen Robin Moses. She has been a big source of inspiration for my floral mani. She always made it look so effortless while it never was. But had it not looked so effortless people like me would have never attempted to dive in. I am so glad that I got deceived by the simplicity and made an honest attempt.Florals inspired by Robin MosesFlorals inspired by Robin Moses
The base polish is ColorClub Halo Hues Cherubic and freehand is with acrylic paints. The nail art brushes are as usual from bornpretty store. You can check them out here and buy them at 10% off with code HQBQ10.