Starfish Nails inspired by Aromatic Yankee Candle

June 14, 2018 Setu 0 Comments

Hi guys, a couple of months back my sister visited me and she got an aromatic candle for me amongst other things. I loved the fresh fragrance of it, and the calming effect.

Yankee Candle Inspired Nails

I do like to surround myself with positive things; be it d├ęcor, aroma, music or people. And anything that relaxes me and inspires my creativity finds an upgrade to my nail station! So, there this Yankee candle was placed, dangling on my polish drawer. I thoroughly enjoyed the cool refreshing fragrance tingling in the air while this candle was around.

Starfish Nails inspired by Aromatic Yankee Candle

Yeah, it had a short life and died an unnatural death.The fatal fate of the candle was decided, the day my son laid his naughty eyes on it!!. I knew it then, I would have part with the candle anytime soon. The rest is history!! RIP Yankee candle.

Starfish Nails inspired by Aromatic Yankee Candle

Anyways, one fine evening while it was alive hanging happy, still swaying on my polish drawer it did inspire me by its beauty as well. That’s when I decided to do nails inspired by it.

Starfish Nails inspired by Aromatic Yankee Candle

I spent quite some time figuring how and what I would do. Finally settled with something chic and elegant. I did gradient with Models Own Cornflower Gleam and Turquoise while, on the other two nails I applied 2 coats of OPI Bubble Bath. For topping them I used China Glaze Fairy Dust. Then literally, hunted a starfish with strong resemblance, made a stamping decal from an ancient plate and finished my nails.

And on the second day of the mani itself, I came home to find that the Yankee Candle went to be with the Lord Almighty!

Lesson Learnt : You can never be sure of what you will see or not see with a naughty toddler on prowl at home!