Colourful Butterfly

August 16, 2018 Setu 0 Comments

Hi girls, my last mani was about rains and what comes after rains is a rainbow. I thought instead of going with a traditional rainbow, I would do some rainbow coloured butterflies. Ever noticed how butterflies are even more vividly colourful than the rainbow?

Colorful Butterflies Mani

I was itching to use my new stamping plates from my Bornpretty store review pack. They sent me 2 complete sets of stamping plates along with other items. For this nail art I used Mandala Butterfly from Stamping Template Rectangle Flower Strip Mandala Nail Art Image Plate set. Each set consist of 5 limited edition stamping plates. You can buy the set here.

Colorful Butterflies Mani

I used Color Club Harp On as the holographic base and -Sun kissed Miss and Rays the Bar from their Heat Index Collection. I did some advanced stamping to fill in the butterflies.

Colorful Butterflies Mani

The nailart looked something different in person. It was so holo-y and neon-y. But neons are so camera shy, they turned out to be completely different in the pic inspite of numerous trials. Please share some tips people if you know better ways to capture neons.